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Based off Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and MargaritaThe Chase of Ivan Homeless is a a platformer where you play as Ivan Homeless, a poet who has just had an encounter with Satan! 

After the death of your friend (as predicted by the dastardly foreign professor, a.k.a Satan), you undertake a journey to warn the general public of Moscow about the evil that has arrived in your city! Avoid capture by the police while you climb to Griboedov's Mansion, and try to maintain your sanity along the way.

This is the first game I've made using Unity, and I am certainly not a programmer. Please let me know what you think and where improvements can be made. I'm always looking to learn more!

Thanks for playing!


Music: Tchaikovsky's Polonaise from Eugene Onegin 

SFX: Youtube library and ZapSplat

Code: Dylan Fries and Unity Documentation

Story: Mikhail Bulgakov


Chase Of Ivan Homeless_v.2.zip 28 MB


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Stop reading if you don't want spoilers!


Bus death is fun. 10/10 would get hit by bus again! Art is also 10/10. Lack of Margaritas 1/10